Dony the Raven has taken flight towards the mountains that cry joy, peace, and most importantly love! A journey to the Himalayas with his beloved master Yaku the Ibis, presents new challenges and lessons for the Raven to endure. Along this path he meets a teacher, Jeesh–Ra the beautiful mountain cow! Jeesh-Ra shows Dony who he is and what he must do in order to become free of ignorance!

A beautiful story that shall never die, paying homage to the ancient wisdom that out ancestors have left for us to remember God...

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A heart and eye opening story between an Ibis and a Raven. Dony the Raven has hit rock bottom mid-flight, landing in Central Park beside a river where the Ibis has lived for many years. The Raven has lost his love for flying among the stars, and is forced to face his truth! This story encapsulates what it takes to fly again despite losing our wings. If we open our self to healing, nothing but growth shall lead us home.

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Love; In Your Pocket's Heart Forever is a small, pocket-sized book written in poetic fashion that illustrates a deep, spiritual meaning of love (Spirituality/New Age genre). This book takes today's modern day perception of what "taught" love is and twists the visionary framework into a deeper knowing of self, guiding readers to think beyond their standard conceptions of love and search for the truth within.

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Yaweh DiCosmo

Nico Urbano Steriti was born into a large Italian family on September 4th, 1991 in Elizabeth, NJ and raised along side his four siblings in Toms River, NJ. Nico grew up playing all types of sports and excelled in football well into his college career. Nico attended the University of New Hampshire where he achieved many accolades as an All Conference Running Back and graduated with a degree in Physical Education in 2014.

After college, Nico moved home to New Jersey where he began pursuing the practice of meditation, and through self-realization and awakening arose the poet, Yahweh DiCosmo. Yaku and Dony Visit Central Park is Nico’s second self-published book; the first being ‘Love; In Your Pocket’s Heart Forever’ released in November 2017.

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